The Old Soldier

There is an old soldier named Flynn Who must wonder what trouble he’s in. Will there be repercussions For befriending the Russians? Or will Trump merely lie, wink, and grin?

Song of the Curmudgeon

You just have to know that I’m feeling low when the sun won’t shine and the stars don’t show. When the grass is brown and the tree is down and the prize ain’t mine and the circus left town. When the beer is warm and we have a storm and the temperature is nine and […]

OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay

Turds on the Trails

No, I’m not speaking about people on the trails (although I’ve seen some that would fit that description). I’m referring to real turds. Big fat ones. Very large, very gross, smelly turds. Some of them are so big as to make you wonder just what sort of animal made such a thing. They also make […]

The Trip – Days 18 & 19

For those of you who were informed of our return to our home in Fort Wayne, IN, on Wednesday, September 16, and wonder how we were able to make the trip by car from Cedar Park, TX in a matter of a few hours, there is a simple explanation. I’ve been posting the trip’s progress, […]

Barb, Emma, and Jack

The Trip – Days 14 thru 17

Friday, September 11 thru Monday, September 14 We spent these days in Cedar Park, Texas with our son Pat, daughter-in-law Tricia, and grandchildren Emma and Jack. No need to brag about Emma and Jack except to say they’re charming and exceptionally intelligent, much like your grandkids. We stayed with them longer than our original plan […]

The Trip – Day 13

Thursday, September 10, 2015 The Quality Inn in Deming, NM, is not the classiest place around, but they sure have good free breakfasts. A great assortment of hot and cold stuff. We paid $65 plus tax for the room; the breakfast would probably have cost us $15 to $20 total elsewhere. If you like Country […]

Barb contemplating the magnificence of the Grand Canyon

The Trip – Day 12

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 We had breakfast this morning in the very pleasant courtyard of the Horton Grand Hotel. While waiting to be served, Barb and I started wondering what happens when it rains in the courtyard. Barb asked the server about it. He said that it rarely rains, so they don’t worry about it […]

Showing off my pale feet

The Trip – Day 11

Tuesday, September 9, 2015 Barb and I both slept well overnight, even in a room with a slightly noxious aroma. The smell seemed to go away after we entered the room for the final time last night, so we didn’t bother to report it. It was when we returned to the room this morning after […]

Replica of Mayan mural

The Trip – Day 10

Monday, September 7, 2015. Labor Day. Another new couple at the breakfast table this morning. The husband is a preacher, a school teacher, and a Benjamin Franklin impersonator. Luckily for us, he chose not to preach, teach, or Ben Franklin us. His wife showed up a few minutes later and said very little as hubby […]

The Trip - Day 9

The Trip – Day 9

Sunday, September 6, 2015 We had new breakfast companions this morning. A couple from somewhere in California had spent the night after bringing their daughter to San Diego to start college. Another couple were from San Diego¬†and we learned little about them because they sat at a separate table and we didn’t talk to them […]

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