18 Miler

I spent an hour and a half riding my bicycle yesterday.   I rode approximately 18 miles.  There were plenty of hills on my route, and I worked hard much of the way.  Some of the route included roads and streets, some designated hiking/biking trails.  Bass, the county road that I must use if I wish to ride out of my neighborhood, is a harrowing route for a bicyclist.  You just have to take a deep breath, jump on, and peddle your ass off (up and down hills) until you find a way to get off.  Riding west on Bass is not as difficult as riding east, so I can do the one mile during low traffic hours without antagonizing too many car drivers.

I left the house at 8:50 a.m. and returned at 10:20.  Folks who were out and about were very friendly, smiling and waving at me as I rode past.  I’m a friendly fellow anyway and appreciate the friendliness of others.  Perhaps it was the day (Memorial) and the fact that most of the people I saw were doing leisurely things like putzing around in their yards, walking their dogs, jogging, walking with friends.  At any rate, there was a general aura of goodwill and cheefulness.  Riding my bicycle makes me happy.

The farthest point I reached was the intersection of Amber Road and U.S. 24.  The people path on Amber Road ends there.  Continuing south on Amber would have been a challenge since it would have required riding on a narrow, very hilly road.  I’ll save that for another day.

I like to think while riding, although expansive thought isn’t possible (at least for me) while riding on streets with traffic.  Too much attention must be paid to vehicles to allow the mind to wander.  I’m a confirmed single-tasker, so I’m used to doing only one thing at a time that requires conscious effort. If I’m riding alone on a vacant street or on a bike trail, however, I can think about all sorts of wonderful things.  Most of those things come easily and go quickly.  I don’t hold memories of the fleeting thoughts in most cases unless there is some utility to them.  If something occurs to me that causes me to apply the idea in my mind using images, I remember it much better later on. Sometimes the memories of the ideas spring forth almost on their own, mostly when I can put them to use.

Then again, I know I’ve had many wondrous ideas that could have turned huge profits and even perhaps caused me to gain notoriety.  Those ideas are hopelessly lost to me for some reason, probably never to return again.  It’s probably better that way.  If I were rich and notorious I would be very difficult to live with.  And if one of those ideas gave me all the riches I could ever want, I might not need any more ideas.  Then what would I do in my spare moments on my bike?  And having all that money would be such a burden . . . .

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