219 Sycamore St.

Some years ago, I imagined what it would be like to publish a magazine.   I had some interest in Indiana history, and especially in the local history of Kosciusko County and surrounding counties.  I lived near Warsaw at that time, and had become very interested in the history of basketball there.  The Warsaw Public Library had newspaper records on microfilm, and this offered a great opportunity to look back through the years and learn what was going on in the early days of the sport.  During my research, I discovered lots of interesting stories not only about basketball, but about other sports, and also about life in general in Kosciusko County and in Indiana through the generations.  Reading articles in  old Warsaw newspapers led me to other towns in the county, and even to other parts of Indiana, in efforts to get more detailed information about people and events in other places mentioned only briefly in Warsaw.

Armed with lots of background information, I coupled my interest in starting a magazine with the knowledge I had gained in my hours of research in libraries.  I had found hundreds of news items about extremely interesting events and issues that had been forgotten years ago.  Some of the stories warranted retelling, and what better way to do that than in a magazine?  I even decided on title for the publication – 219 Sycamore St. I thought it was a cute way to describe the subject matter.  The telephone area code for northern Indiana was 219 at that time.  (There are now three area codes comprising the same area) and sycamore is a tree commonly found in Indiana and is a word often used in Indiana to signify something “Hoosier.”  With a name and with subject matter, I discussed my idea with a friend of mine, Charles “Chick” Lamoree, a retired fellow living in Warsaw who had been the publisher of a newspaper in Silver Lake and who knew very much about affairs in and around Kosciusko County.  Chick thought my idea was good, and he gave me some advice about the publishing business and how best to get started with a project like I was considering.

I went so far as to write and format the first issue of the magazine.  I printed a draft version (using the ancient DOS word processor PerfectWriter on a Kaypro computer with a dot matrix printer) and then let the project die.  I checked into getting the magazine printed, then started thinking about distribution, costs of production, advertising, and many other important issues.  I concluded that I had had fun building the first issue but that I had neither the resources nor the fortitude to continue on with a periodical publication for which I would be the sole writer, sole distributor, and sole advertiser.

At any rate, I’ve saved the old articles and will post some of them here.  Stay tuned.

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