23 Minutes

I have 23 minutes to put this post up on earthdump because I intend to be finished with it by 10 p.m.

I spent the day at home, having decided to take today and tomorrow off and catch up on some homework. I watched a green heron hang out on the edge of the pond this morning and, after almost giving up on seeing anything exciting, was lucky to see him (or her) stalk some prey and catch something in the water. Whatever the unfortunate victim was, it was down the hatch in two seconds flat. The heron then proceeded to preen for a few minutes.

I spent some time this morning with a local plumber. I called him because our water heater was not heating water. The plumber lives on the north side of Bass Road, very close to our subdivision. He has twin 8 year old daughters who attend Arcola School and a 13 year old who attends Carroll Middle School. His mother hails from a very small town on an island in Ontario, Canada. I found all this out while I watched him patch together a makeshift fix for our ailing water heater. He’s a handy fellow and I heartily recommend him. If you want his contact info, let me know and I’ll pass it along.

I also spent some time with an electrician this afternoon. He stopped by to find out what special projects I have in mind so he can work up a cost. We want a different lawn light installed, two new yard flood lights, and three pendulum lights installed in the kitchen area. He is a charming fellow and seems to know his business quite well. If I accept his price and have him do the work, I’ll let you know how he did.

The last visitor I had today was a fellow who brought and set up a radon detection device. I don’t recall his name, but he was pleasant enough and almost unbearably cheerful. My guess is that he retired from another job somewhere and is doing the radon stint part time just to keep busy and avoid brain and muscle atrophy. He will come back Monday and pick up the tester. The results will be provided to me sometime later. I expect to be informed that I should have radon mitigation done. That involves the installation of a venting fan and associated piping in the basement. It is not cheap but it can (so I am told) clear the air of toxic levels of radon.

We had hummingbirds show up today for the first time this season. Once they arrive, they attack our feeders relentlessly until the little creatures depart in the fall.

We met our new neighbor this evening. She purchased the house across the street. It was previously occupied by Austin, a young fellow whose father built the home and who, several months ago, moved to California to study film making. Good luck to Austin. I mean that sincerely. Austin’s replacement, Sarah, works at GM. She is young and is friendly and has made more contacts in the neighborhood over the past week or so of her residence here than I have in the past several years. Ah to be young again.

I have three minutes left and find that I have little more to say. I will post this before 10 p.m. but will probably decide to proofread it after posting just to be sure there are no ridiculous spelling or grammar errors.


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