A Storm Brewing

Shortly after 7 a.m. today, I heard our weather forecast on WBOI. Chance of rain: 50%. Then I looked out the window.











 Hmmm. Very interesting. I walked out onto the deck and took a few photos. Here’s the view from a another vantage point:












And another:











And another:











And one more:

img_1921It rained like hell in this 50% of the forecast area just a minute or two after I took the photos. The rain came down hard but there were no nasty winds bringing it in. Of course, we had just watered our plants last night thinking that we’d be in the 50% area with no rain.

When I was in my early teens and living in South Bend, my aunt and uncle from Oregon came to visit and brought some of their grandkids with them. The kids were nearly my age. My father took them, my brother, and me to the local miniature golf course one afternoon. During our outing, black clouds formed in the west and we could hear thunder. My cousins panicked and were brought to tears. We had to leave the course and head home. When we arrived, my aunt was in the driveway, wringing her hands and moaning, waiting for our return. Yes, the storm came and performed nicely, putting on quite a show for our relatives from the West who saw plenty of rain but very few storms. I thought their behavior was quite unusual at the time, until I discovered that our weather was not necessarily that of everyone else on this planet. It wasn’t more than a year or so after their visit that the Palm Sunday tornadoes taught the more foolhardy ones of us some respect for black clouds.

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