Aboite Center Road and Biking

Aboite Center Road was opened for traffic this afternoon. This is very gratifying to me.

The most advantageous aspect is that I’ll be able to bike on Aboite Center Road (ACR), over I-69, from Coventry Lane to the rear entrance of the Lutheran Hospital complex. I will then meander through the drives and trails of Lutheran to the traffic signal on Jefferson Blvd, where I’ll cross Jefferson and end up at my place of employment. Pretty slick.

Speaking of slick, one day last week I crossed the closed section of ACR at Coventry Lane with my bicycle. I pushed it across rather than ride it because paving was underway and only one lane of the road had been paved. I didn’t realize it until it was too late, but a portion of the road was covered with the thick oily stuff that the construction crews put down before asphalting begins. I walked through that stuff and it splashed onto the tops of my shoes and onto my lower legs. I felt very uncool.

In my bike commute during the past few months, I’ve been riding south across ACR on Coventry Lane and ending up at the main entrance of Village of Coventry on Jefferson, then riding along the city-bound side of Jefferson, across the entrance and exit ramps of I-69, then on to my place of employment. This portion of my morning and afternoon rides is interesting but also harrowing. I have seen one other biker peddling along this section of Jefferson Blvd and he was on a very long distance ride to parts unknown. His bike was laden with saddle bags and carriers of various types. He was definitely not of local origin, meaning he probably had no idea what he’d run into in that stretch of road. It is of another dimension.

After people get used to being able to cross I-69 on ACR once again, the section of ACR between Dicke Road and Jefferson Blvd will be closed. This closing will be in effect until sometime in October according to news releases. If the construction on that portion of ACR is anything like the other section that has just been completed, numerous delays will stretch the completion out to somewhere near the end of the year. That will have a greater impact on me during the days of snow and cold when I’ll be driving my car. If I can’t take ACR west from Jefferson Blvd, I’ll have to drive through Village of Coventry. This path is much more fun on a bike than in a car. Perhaps the increasing change in climate will make the coming winter more like spring, then I can bike through December, January, February, and March.

Eventually, the Aboite Trails network will connect the Towpath trail (behind my place of employment) with the trail that runs through the Lutheran Hospital complex and then to the new trail that is yet to be completed on ACR. I can hardly wait.

Bicycling is so fun.

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