An Old Story

I’m presently working on a story that I started in 1983.  I submitted it once to a publisher, and actually received a handwritten response.  The response, of course, accompanied a rejection.  But it was gratifying to think that someone would take the time to give me some personal attention.  I’ve been looking for that rejection in recent days as I rework the story yet again.  If I find it, I’ll post its contents here.

I’ve tinkered with the story many times over the years.  As with the other stuff I’ve posted here, I just figured its time to publish it somewhere – anywhere – or it will probably never be published at all.  This blog will do.

I’m trying to clean up the last few paragraphs.  Very often, beginnings come easy.  Endings can be thorny affairs, often requiring some kind of philosophical/aesthetic epiphany.  I’m trying to work one up.

I see some things in the story that I hadn’t noticed before in the many editing sessions it has been through.  Believe it or not, my characters have been given names only in the past year or so.  They remained unnamed through two decades!  When I finally named them, I had the sense that I suddenly knew them better.  That helped me heat up during the final revisions and actually sped up the process.  I hope to have the story ready to post here in a day or so.

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