A View of the Past

Ten thousand years after Earth could no longer sustain life, a teacher on a distant world stands before his students.  He is teaching them about higher life forms of the universe that have arisen, have endured, and in most cases have ultimately given way to the various pressures that keep the universal life force in […]

Monkey Love

Buy a monkey, take it into your home, make it a family member, bathe with it, sleep with it, feed it from your table, give it fine wine.  Then be surprised when the animal attacks a friend encroaching on its territory.

Tax Cuts

Concerning the current debate on the economic stimulus package, I disagree that tax cuts will go far to help us solve our problems.  However, I do think that if Americans think about the additional money in their pockets, we can actually have an impact on the efficacy of the tax relief.  If I see $800 […]

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