Bird Legs

Pat drove over from Valparaiso on Saturday morning. We drove to Rockhill Park, unloaded our bikes, and spent the next hour and a half riding the Greenway through Fort Wayne. Strong winds made our ride pretty challenging. Pat made my ride particularly grueling because I tried to keep up with him. I should know better by now.

Even though I rested on Sunday (by not doing anything physically demanding), I still had not completely recuperated from the Saturday biking expedition by Monday. When I checked into Kachmann Mind Body on Monday evening, I was hoping that the session would be on the lighter side. My hope would soon be dashed.

Erin usually asks if we had sore muscles after the previous week’s session. I always answer yes. One of our class members responded in the negative. Erin took this as a challenge, and made sure that we would all be in concurrence when she asks that question next week. Today is Thursday, and I am still suffering from ab and leg aches. I suffered more from muscle aches over the past few days than at any other time since I started the open training sessions last November.

I forgot to mention that I biked to work on Monday. I also biked across the street after work to the Lutheran Hospital complex, chained my bike to a gas meter outside the building where the training facility is located, and walked into the building with my backpack and helmet in hand. A group of people were congregated inside the entrance to the Kachmann Mind Body. They were assembling to embark on a Nordic Walking session. One of the women in the group knows my wife and later told her that she saw me walk in, and referred to my legs as “bird legs.” Yes, BIRD LEGS. WTF! These little bird legs biked 20 hard miles on Saturday!

During the later stages of Monday’s session, one of my classmates checked her heart rate. She was at 95% of her maximum, based on her age and sex. I didn’t check mine, but I was pretty sure I was clocking at an extreme level too. That workout was the most strenuous I’ve had since registering for the program. It just happened to fall on a day when I had used up just about every available resource on the previous Saturday. My fault, not Erin’s. But then I had to bike home. I spent the rest of the evening trying to recuperate. In bed, sound asleep at 2 a.m., I suffered one of the most painful leg cramps I’ve ever had. I can’t even remember the last time this happened to me. It was an indication of how far I had pushed my bird legs over the previous few days.

I feel much better now. I took the day off and caught up on some work around the house. I cut the grass, took recycling material to the recycling center, and completed a dozen other minor tasks. I’m taking tomorrow off also, and think that I might be pain free by then. Maybe I’ll do something strenuous, like biking another 20 miles at a fast pace. There’s a 50% chance of rain. That means there’s a 50% chance I’ll ride my bike. If I don’t do that, I’ll try to duplicate Erin’s open training session in my basement. I’m pretty sure I can remember all the exercises. In fact, I KNOW I’ll remember them all. They were unforgettable.

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