BlackBerry Is Back

You probably didn’t even know it was gone. It was actually only absent for a few hours, but when it finally woke up it just wasn’t quite its old self.

I placed my BlackBerry on the counter top in the bathroom a few mornings ago while I shaved and did some other grooming stuff. Barb entered the bathroom to brush her teeth. As with most of us tooth brushers, she begins the process by moistening the brush with some fresh tap water. So she applied the paste (Tom’s Natural) to the toothbrush and opened the faucet. The water was running when I finished whatever it was that I was doing and, as usual, reached for my BlackBerry as I prepared to exit the bathroom.

Instead of firmly grasping it, I was off target and tweaked the edge of it just enough to send it sliding across the counter. Seeing that it was headed directly for the sink below the running faucet, I tried once again to pull the reins in on my trusty BB. Once again, I failed to catch it and instead gave it one last nudge that sent it sliding right into Barb’s sink. She kept an eye on it for me as it found its way to the drain and rested nicely on top of the stopper. Barb, never one to stop before she’s finished, didn’t miss a stroke with her brushing.

I screamed and plunged my hand into the sink. The drain stopper was open, but there was enough water in the bottom of the sink that the BlackBerry got a pretty good dousing. I clutched the wet machine and jerked it out of danger. I wiped it off with a towel and checked to see if it was still working. It seemed to be OK. Barb and I discussed the excitement that had just taken place and weighed the culpability of all participants. A consensus could not be found.

I checked the BB again about 15 minutes later and discovered that it had lost consciousness. I then noticed a bit of condensed moisture inside the screen in one corner. I removed the back of the BB and saw a few water drops on the battery. I removed the battery and the media memory card and soaked up the water that I could find with a tissue. I left it open for a half hour or so, then put it back together and turned it on. It seemed to work OK after that therapy, but later in the day I tried to listen to some tunes and the operating system didn’t recognize that there were hundreds of songs on the media card. I tried several times to find them, but to no avail. I also tried opening up my photo folder, but that was AWOL too.

For several days I tried to retrieve the stuff on the memory card. I pulled it out and plugged it into my laptop but that didn’t work either. I finally had to face reality. All the data on that 4Gb card was gone.

I still hold out some hope, though. Pat, my son, would like to exercise his computer forensics skills on it and try to salvage the data. I will be grateful if he can do so. But, in the meantime, I needed to replace the damaged card. I stopped at Best Buy and bought an 8Gb card, doubling my storage capacity and, more than likely, doubling my pain the next time I give my BlackBerry a bath.

The tunes can be installed again since I have backups in various places. There were lots of interesting little photos on that card too, and that’s the worst aspect of the unfortunate accident. Most were forgettable but a few were gems. I’ll have to find a few new gems and snap them, then take better care of them.

In the meantime, I’ll practice juggling and clutching my BlackBerry in preparation for emergencies and remember not to place in anywhere near a potentially lethal sink.

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