As expected, I’m having great fun with my new BlackBerry. I have to be careful because I’m gradually acquiring a morbid habit of grabbing it for no reason at all just to fiddle with the keys and see what new mischief I can create next.

There are so many applications available for the BlackBerry that it’s difficult to decide which ones to try. I’ve downloaded perhaps a dozen so far, and most of them are very cool. I have the CBS and Reuters news services, and can get US news and world news very fast. I get my emails and the news alerts via email register an audible ping so I won’t miss the latest news flashes. I downloaded something called Viigo, which gives me access to news, sports, weather, financial news, and gobs of other stuff that I’m not even interested in. I have two book downloaders, Mobipocket Reader and Shortcovers (neither of which I’ve downloaded a book from yet). I have Google, Facebook, and WordPress. With WordPress, I can sent blog posts directly to this web site. Pretty cool. There are lots more out there and I will give each one a chance.

I’m practicing my typing on the BlackBerry keyboard, which is not bad considering it’s not much bigger than one of my thumbs. I’ve heard stories about people (mostly young ones) who can text amazingly fast on mini keyboards. I might be slow, but I’m consistent. Consistently slow, that is. I suffering from fatfinger disorder, which causes my finger to miss the key I’m aiming for and hit the key next to it. This creates some interesting words.

I’m not sure how I made it for all these years without a BlackBerry. I feel a bit like I did when I started school in First Grade, and heard the kids talk about being in Kindergarten the previous year. I had no idea what Kindergarten was, and learned that I missed an entire year of being in school. I felt cheated. I couldn’t believe that I could have missed such a great experience. But I tried to make up for it by having as much fun in school as I could. That’s precisely my attitude with the BlackBerry. I’m in catchup mode.

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