Blogging is the easiest and fastest way to get published. That’s because you can do it yourself. This cuts out the agents, editors, lawyers, and whomever else someone needs to get published in “the traditional way.” It takes about 5 minutes to set up a blog on sites like Blogger and Zooloo. Anyone can do it.

Blogging can be free if you use the popular blogging sites. My blog, however, is not. My Web site initially was not a blog. I intended it to be a site related to the increasing problem of trash, waste dumping, and ecology. I decided to set up my own domain and use a hosting service. I did this because I wanted a unique name for my site that was directly associated with a domain and also because I initially had visions of expanding my site and generating enough revenue to pay for expenses. This was when my site was going to be something more than just a personal blog. I am not good at self-promotion and so I had trouble spreading the word about my site. I was also getting more and more depressed with the content, since most of the links and commentary had to do with depressing stuff like the pollution of the Earth through the dumping of toxic waste and the failure of efforts to keep people from disposing of trash anywhere they wanted. I finally decided to change the format to a personal blog.

Now I can write about toxic waste if I want to, but I don’t have to. I can write about voles, bicycling, doctor visits, personal fitness, novels, and just about any other topic that I want. That amounts to almost total freedom.

The problem with that strategy is that some people don’t care about toxic waste, voles, bicycling, doctor visits, personal fitness, novels, or anything else that relates to me or my opinions. It’s not that I’m blogging to gain hundreds, thousands, or millions of readers. (Five or six would be OK.) People frequent certain blogs because they are known for covering particular subjects. Hobby blogs, sports blogs, political blogs, financial advice blogs, movie star blogs, etc, etc. “Personal blog” pretty much describes mine. “C’mon, America, read Bruce Weaver’s personal blog! Subjects galore! Weekly updates (sometimes oftener)! Exciting! Fresh! Original! Rarely a misspelled word!”

Pretty enticing, right?

I know I’m not currently selling my blog very well. I should probably spend more time promoting it. The reason?


I can do without lots of money. I just want to be famous.

So there, now you know. I need fame and lots of it. I just don’t know how I’ve been able to do without it until now. Perhaps I just didn’t understand how important it is.

I just don’t want to be famous and rich. Being both causes all sorts of problems, including increasing lawyer, psychologist, and rehab expense.

Gimme fame. Keep the money.

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