Book Update #10

I’m working this morning on Page 302 out of a total of 469 pages. The number of pages fluctuates as I perform the editing. Sometimes I add words and sentences and paragraphs. Other times, I delete stuff I’ve written and leave it out altogether or add replacement text.

The old tobacco barn on the grounds of Potter’s mill has been converted into Stillwater’s new basketball gymnasium. The building was donated by Clyde Potter. Minimal work was required to convert the building. The only disadvantage was its cross beams overhead. They were not quite high enough, and so the players had to adjust their shooting techniques and strategies to keep from hitting them.

George and Boony have been on the outs, so to speak, involved in a minor spat between old friends. A basketball shooting contest between the two didn’t help to bring the two back together. It did, however, magnify the importance of basketball in Stillwater as a form of recreation and entertainment for the townspeople. It looked as if the new gym was going to provide many fine opportunities for entertainment and athletic competition in years ahead.

But it was not meant to be. The new gymnasium has been torched and burned to the ground after the two perpetrators mugged George and Boony, leaving them unconscious on the grounds of Potter’s mill. Later, after the young men came to and (unaware of the plans of their attackers) returned to Boony’s house, a fire alarm was sounded and most of the town turned out to watch the gym burn. One of the arsonists was still there, his scorched bones framed within one of the windows. He had caught fire within the building and died trying to escape.

So now the second of Stillwater’s basketball gymnasiums has been eliminated. Stillwaters’ citizens are feeling pretty low right now. They can’t understand why someone would want to prevent the town from fielding a basketball team. Something is afoot, and some people suspect Ivan Stetler of having something to do with the continuing difficulties.

Perhaps Ivan, with George’s help, can convince the people of Stillwater that he is truly one of them and not the agent of a mysterious villain in Deer Lake.

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