Book Update

This morning I finished my final editing markup. I will now start making the actual changes in Microsoft Word.

Besides tweaking the grammar and cleaning up some inconsistencies in this final process, I have to standardize some formatting discrepancies. The main formatting issues have to do with how the dialogue of meetings is presented (something like a movie script) and how newspaper articles are displayed. The meetings, overheard surreptitiously by George Belt, contain the supposedly secret talk of members of the Stillwater Athletic Association. Six or eight men take part in the meetings and participate in the dialogue, so names have to be included in order to identify the participants. It’s not difficult to do that, but the formatting of the six or so meetings has to be standard from one meeting to the next.

The newspaper articles could be presented in standard text format, except that it’s possible to format them so that they actually resemble real clipped newspaper articles on aged, brown newsprint. I figured out a way to do this, but during this last editing process I changed the length of some of the articles and so now have to adjust the formatting accordingly. I’ve read many early 20th Century newspaper articles and would like to be able to convey the look and feel of them in the novel. I’m not sure, though, that a publisher would go along with that desire.

Issues like page numbering, headers, and other miscellaneous stuff might have to be dealt with prior to each manuscript submission because the guidelines for submission vary from one publisher (or agent) to the next.

More later . . .

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