Book Update #6

I’ve hit a minor roadblock in the story. Having broken Ivan’s leg and caused a substantial permanent disability for him, I now have to adjust things a bit to get the story back on track. The issue at hand is in the handling of Ivan’s immediate and long term reaction to the disability. An entire novel could be written about that alone.Basket ball player

But I’m not trying to spawn another novel. I’m just trying to finish writing this one. In my mind, someone (especially an athlete) doesn’t have a traumatic injury resulting in long-term disability and then pop back into circulation in days as if nothing happened. If I let the story go as is, that would be the case. I know I must rewrite or add a section or two. I just have to figure out how.

I added a scene where Ivan is teaching his history class and blood drips from his leg wound onto the floor. George notices this, and alerts Ivan to it. George then fetches cleaning material. In the meantime, Ivan leaves the classroom to replace his bandage. When George returns with the cleaning equipment, he seizes the opportunity to talk to his classmates about Ivan’s problem. He asks for ideas about how to help Ivan in his recovery. Several of the girls volunteer to talk to Ivan and suggest that his help with the boys’ basketball league would be welcomed by the boys and the Athletic Association.

I could always add a few more scenes displaying Ivan’s continuing physical problems and his methods for dealing with them, and use these scenes as padding, so to speak, so as to display a progression over time of Ivan’s gradual coping with his condition. Yes, I believe that’s what I’ll do.

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