Book Update #9

Ivan Stetler has confronted Delmar Stephens in The Barn. After a shouting match and a facedown, Stephens walked out, leaving Ivan and the boys to themselves. I revised this scene to take into consideration Ivan’s mangled leg. My first draft or two was rather bland, with nothing more than minor insults flung back and forth. Basket ball playerThe latest version has Stephens taunting Ivan about his leg and suggesting that he was actively searching for pity from the townsfolk. This rankled Ivan to the point where blows would have followed had Stephens not left.

I added a section covering George Belt’s weeks of helping Ivan recuperate by assisting with physical therapy and doing other daily tasks for Ivan so his leg could be rested. George was motivated by sympathy but also by the personal wish for Ivan to return to his teaching role at the high school and his assistance with the incipient basketball program.

Stephens now seems to be somehow linked to the attack on Ivan’s leg. Ivan hinted to this in their set-to in The Barn. The reader, however, will have no idea why Stephens might have been somehow tangled up in intrigue with the Deer Lake football team. Sorting this out will require some rewriting on my part in subsequent chapters.

Progress has been slow recently, but I had to work through some issues that kept me from proceeding until they were resolved. Sometimes, a solution will spring to mind while I’m doing something completely unrelated to the story. This occurs over a period of days and weeks. I admire those people who can sit down and pound out a story nonstop, fully realized and ready for the press. I’ve read stories about them, but have never met one face to face.

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