Book Update

I beefed up the confrontation between Ivan and Stephens this morning. I previously had rushed to a conclusion of the scene, but I knew then that it would take more than one disagreement to send Stephens off. He’s unlikable but he’s not stupid.

I’ve given George Belt a job at the local newspaper, something I hadn’t thought of before. It’s only natural that the narrator (and therefore the “writer” of the book) should have had some experience writing. He starts out delivering newspapers after school, then ends up helping the editor in the printing room. The editor, William Babcock, makes a living from a small print shop and publishes the paper mostly as a public service project.

After introducing the character of Crandall “Crab” Dorsey in the new Chapter 1, I now must deal with him throughout the rest of the book. He is too interesting to dispose of after one chapter. Besides, he supplies plenty of tension because of his volatile nature coupled with his athletic prowess. He is a piece of work. He is also the kind of young man that kids look up to, and the kind of young man that parents fear.

It amazes me that nearly every time I think I’ve found a conflicting idea or plot inconsistency, I am proven wrong in the next paragraph or on the next page. I really did spend much time trying to make the story as good as I could possibly make it. It’s just that so much time has elapsed since I started it. Although I’m still very familiar with the characters, I forgot some of the plot twists and connectors that I used to make the story hum along.

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