Books and Loops

I have a lot of books. I’m thinking I have more than I need. They take up space, of course, although the space is high above the room we refer to as “the office.” I mounted bookshelves high on two walls in order to conserve as much floor space as possible.

Although I’m not running out of space, I’m reaching the point (which I reached several times in the past) where I feel the need to reduce my library. So I’m trying to figure out what to do with a substantial number of the books. The ones I’ve read will probably not get read again, at least by me. The ones I haven’t read I hope to read someday. Having books on your shelf to read is one way to make your future look bright. It puts pleasurable experiences ahead, no matter what may transpire in the meantime.

I’ve found several options available to people wanting to unload books.

One option is to send books to You can search for book titles that Amazon is looking for and, if they want what you have, you can box up your books and ship them to Amazon at no cost. In return, you get Amazon gift cards.

You can advertise online at sites such as Craigslist. Sell your books on eBay. Donate them to organizations such as

If you sell your books, you’ll probably never get as much as you paid for them unless they’re rare. If you have old books, make sure you know what you’re getting rid of. Some old books are valuable, and there are many people out there looking for valuable books given up free or for next to nothing by people who do not understand what they have.

I have a few books worth more than the original cover price, but I don’t collect books as an investment. I just buy books that look interesting to me and then try to find time to read them. Sometimes I never find the time.

Just because I’m unloading some books doesn’t mean I’ll stop buying. In fact, vacating some shelf space will probably motivate me to start filling it up again.

I think that could be called an endless loop.

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