Bruce Weavers

While screwing around in Facebook the other day, I searched for myself. That is, I searched for people with my name. Not surprisingly, I discovered lots of Bruce Weavers. There must be scores, perhaps even hundreds, of them. Knowing there are so many Bruce Weavers is kind of unsettling. I mean, it’s not a real common name like Robert Smith or William Johnson.

The scariest aspect of my search for Bruce Weavers was that the first guy on the list looked frighteningly like me. At least, he did in the tiny photo that appeared next to his (my) name. I clicked on the photo and verified that he does truly resemble me in some ways. We both have gray hair and a gray mustache. He has the same cheesy grin that I’ve been accused of. He looks friendly; perhaps someone that I could take a liking to. That gave me another idea.

What if I sent friend requests to all the Bruce Weavers? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a hundred Bruce Weavers as friends? Just think of the resulting windfall of Facebook notifications. They’d be popping in from all over the place, each one from someone named me. And when someone else looks at the list of my friends, they’d have to scroll for a minute to get past the Bruce Weavers. It’s making me chuckle (with a cheesy smile) thinking about it.

I wonder how many of them would accept my friend request. Probably a few. Some might ignore it, thinking I was stalking them or spamming. It would be like when you get an email from yourself and it turns out to be a phony web site wanting you to click on a link that would blow up your computer and drain your bank account in two seconds. I don’t know. I hate to annoy someone, but it sure would be fun. At least for a while . . . .

More later if I decide to go through with it.



One thought on “Bruce Weavers

  1. Last I knew, I was FB friends with two other Jon Beasleys. Like me, they don’t post very often in FB. But when they do, it throws me back for a few seconds until I remember that I’m friends with another Jon Beasley.

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