A Town Called Condom

While reading Walter James’s Barrel and Book: A Winemaker’s Diary (Georgian House, Melbourne, 1949), I ran across the following recipe for Cognac on Page 57: I’ve never made Cognac and, after seeing the recipe above, I don’t think I have the stomach for it. Just remember; if you make Cognac, … Continue reading

Lepidopteran Excision

This was snipped from Page 171 of Bennett Cerf’s Try and Stop Me: A Collection of Anecdotes and Stories, Mostly Humorous, published in 1945. My copy of the book includes the handwritten name of a previous owner; Doris Klotz. I wonder if Doris laughed when she read Cerf’s little joke … Continue reading

The Journey of Tom Jones Has Ended

I have finally made my way through “A History of Tom Jones, a Foundling.” It took a bit longer than I expected. Granted, it is a big book. The language of the mid-1700s requires a bit more attention by today’s readers than the text you find in newspapers and magazines. … Continue reading

Books and Loops

I have a lot of books. I’m thinking I have more than I need. They take up space, of course, although the space is high above the room we refer to as “the office.” I mounted bookshelves high on two walls in order to conserve as much floor space as … Continue reading

Tom Jones Update

I’m still working my way through “The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling.” It is truly an experience of a lifetime. For a short but interesting synopsis of the story, check out the original movie trailer — The author, Henry Fielding, provides the reader with one golden nugget of wisdom … Continue reading

Tom Jones Update

I’m forging ahead in “The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling.” I’ve made it to Page 399, which is Part II, Book VIII, Chapter XII. Much has happened to Tom since my last update. The various conspiracies against Tom finally get the best of him, and he is unfortunately kicked … Continue reading

Tom Jones Update

I’m well into my reading of “Tom Jones,” also known as “The History of Tom Jones – A Foundling.” As an update, Tom Jones is found shortly after birth in the bed of Squire Allworthy, a wealthy landowner and magistrate. After a search of the local village, Jenny Jones, a … Continue reading

Tom Jones Update

My progress in reading “Tom Jones” has been slow, but I am forging ahead. I actually read the introduction, written by John Bender. It is 25 pages of background and biographical information. Most editors of old texts are obligated to write something about the book and its author, and Bender … Continue reading

Tom Jones

No, I am not talking about Sir Thomas John Woodward. I’m talking about the Tom Jones, the protagonist of the novel bearing his name: “The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling,” written by Henry Fielding. The one whose name Sir Thomas John Woodward hijacked. I picked up the paperback at … Continue reading

Black Swans Exist

I just finished reading “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It has given me a fresh and frightening way to look at luck, chance, randomness, and the world financial network. The term Black Swan is used by Taleb to represent those uncommon and unexpected events that have seemingly inordinate … Continue reading

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