Marathon Training Ended

My training for the Austin Marathon ended on November 1, after completion of a five mile run. Training had been going along well. I had made it to the third week with no problems. Most of the runs were 3 miles; the longest was eight. My legs seemed to be adjusting well to the running […]

My Marathon Training

My Marathon Training

I started training for a marathon this week. If I complete the training and actually run in a marathon, it will be my first time. I had planned on entering several marathons many years ago, but because we moved (which we have done 16 times) I was not able to participate. I did train for […]

Still Working Out

Yes, I’m still doing it at Kachmann Mind Body Institute in Fort Wayne. I’m doing the Open Training sessions, instructed by Erin Long. I’m bigger (in a philosophical way), badder, and tougher than I was a year ago. Yes, it was almost a year ago that I started my sessions at Kachmann. In fact, I […]

23 Miles, 1 hour 28 min

I drove to Buckner Park this morning, put my bike together, and rode 23 miles. I drive to Buckner Park occasionally and ride from there because Bass Road is heavily traveled by car and truck drivers and it has no shoulder to use in case I’m in danger of being kissed by a passing vehicle. […]

My Wrists Are Skinny

I have several physical features that I’m stuck with, but which I’d like to revise. One of those features is my wrists. They are skinny. This might not sound like a serious problem to some people. In fact, it’s not a serious problem for me, either. It’s not a problem by any measure. But it’s […]

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