Towels and Washcloths

I’ve survived physical challenges of various types over the years. I’ve run and biked long distances, climbed mountains, baled hay, performed 436 sit-ups nonstop, and sat 6 hours in a doctor’s office. These challenges all pale, however, in comparison with last night’s open training session at Kachmann Mind Body. I … Continue reading

Exercise Balls

My physical training instructor, Erin Long of Kachmann Mind Body Institute, is always looking for new exercises. She browses through magazines and exercise videos in the search for challenging and interesting ways to enhance her classes and titillate her students. Sometimes the exercises are fun. Sometimes they seem to have … Continue reading

Power Yoga and Power Workout

I’ve had a couple of power days recently. It started out with a session of “Advanced Power Yoga” on Saturday, instructed by Josh Jur. I was apprehensive about attempting a yoga class with such a title since I’m not advanced by any means. I discussed the class agenda with Josh … Continue reading

I Am Sore

Believe it or not, after a full year of workouts with Erin Long, I still get sore. In fact, I think I’m more sore after Monday night’s session than after any of the previous sessions. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I don’t think so. I am hurting. All over. I’ve … Continue reading

Medieval Torture Device Now Available

Erin Long, physical trainer at Kachmann Mind Body¬†Institute, has invested in a new torture device for her students. I’m always suspicious of anything that has straps and elastic. Especially if it’s yellow and black. In this case, my suspicions were verified when Erin brought her latest “toy” to her open … Continue reading

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