Fitness Update

I attended my third session at Kachmann Mind Body Institute yesterday evening. I felt pretty good when I started, but it didn’t take Erin long to burst my bubble. I was taxed after the second repetition of the first set of exercises. The most difficult for me was the staggered pushup. This involves doing pushups […]

Fitness Update

I felt pretty good today after last night’s training session. I walked a good long distance midday. Before leaving the office at 5, I changed into my biking attire and drove to Buckner Park. I parked the car, filled my water bottle at the drinking fountain, and rode 14 miles. The highlight of the ride […]

Second Training Session

Yes, I went back for more. I figured it was a good time for the second session, since most of the pain from the first session had almost disappeared. I forgot to take my water bottle tonight, so I had to use a paper cup provided by the kind people at Kachmann Mind Body. The […]

Fitness Update

I’ve decided to file my posts concerning my exercising (whatever form) in a new category named “Fitness.” I spent a half hour on my bike this afternoon. I usually like at least 45 minutes, but the wind was so strong from the west that I worked twice as hard going in that direction. So I […]

The Day After

I felt pretty good early today after my first training session yesterday. When I went to bed last night, I thought I might have trouble getting out of bed this morning, but I really didn’t have much in the way of muscle aches and pains. I could tell that my muscles had been stressed, but […]


I am a slumper. I have very poor posture and a weak upper body. The slumping and poor posture have taken a toll on my spine, my shoulders, my back muscles, and pretty much everything else north of my waist. Having a desk job and pursuing sedentary hobbies such as reading and writing have not […]

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