Diet of Worms

Worms – slimy and yucky and gross as most of them are to us – are a primary source of food for many creatures. Birds eat worms, especially birds like Robins and Bluebirds whose diets consist mostly of insects and other forms of life that crawl and wiggle. Lots of other animals eat worms, including […]

The Fair of 1918

County fairs, pandemics, world wars, catastrophic conflagrations. How can all these things come together in one climactic week in Warsaw, Indiana?

Name Game

One remarkable day in the fall of 1960, at German Township Elementary School just west of South Bend, Indiana, one of my classmates in Robert L. Holderman’s sixth grade reading class asked our enthusiastic and effusive teacher to divulge his middle name. “Well, I’ll tell ya,” he grinned, obviously pleased that someone had asked.  “There […]

Basketball at Mrs. Good’s

The following article was written for my unpublished magazine, 219 Sycamore St.  It is basically a historical piece, although I took the liberty (after confessing as much) of imagining what the “gymnasium” looked like and how the spectators and players interacted.  The quotations are verbatim from a now defunct Kosciusko County, Indiana newspaper.  Please comment. […]

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