Mr. Holderman’s Middle Name

One remarkable day in the fall of 1960, at German Township Elementary School just west of South Bend, Indiana, one of my classmates in Robert L. Holderman’s sixth grade reading class asked our energetic, ingenious teacher to divulge his middle name. “Well, I’ll tell ya,” Mr. Holderman grinned, obviously pleased … Continue reading

Dirty Limericks Must Go!

I’ve set myself a special goal. I want to clean up all the dirty limericks. I mean, really, it’s disgusting how many raunchy, distasteful, and totally useless bits of “poetic” trash there are out there. You’ve probably heard some yourself. Most people have, and my guess is that many of … Continue reading

Why I Watch The Walking Dead

Even if you’ve never seen the AMC Channel’s The Walking Dead, you’ve probably at least heard of it. It’s a popular show, perhaps the most popular show on television. It’s about people who are trying to survive in a world increasingly overrun by walking dead people. It’s a gruesome show … Continue reading

The Beefburger, The Clam, and Advice for Husbands

I have a collection of poems by Ogden Nash, Everyone But Thee and Me, Little, Brown & Co, Boston, 1962. I bought the book somewhere in Ontario, Canada, probably 7 or 8 years ago. It’s full of outrageous verse that some folks would have trouble identifying as poetry. No matter … Continue reading

Transfer Notice of My Fund

Yes, my fund has been transferred. What’s remarkable about this is that it came so unexpectedly. I mean, I never once imagined that it would really happen. What’s even more remarkable is how I received notification of this unexpected event. It came from none other than Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri, … Continue reading

How My ’94 Chevy Corsica Went Rogue

I bought a new Chevy Corsica in 1994. It had four doors, plush seats, six cylinder engine, and automatic locking doors. Although it was not a large car, it was a bit more substantial than I was used to at the time. After my years of driving a 1978 Fiat … Continue reading

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