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Bruce Weavers

While screwing around in Facebook the other day, I searched for myself. That is, I searched for people with my name. Not surprisingly, I discovered lots of Bruce Weavers. There must be scores, perhaps even hundreds, of them. Knowing there are so many Bruce Weavers is kind of unsettling. I mean, it’s not a real common name […]

Did I Screw up with My First eBook Novel?

Did I Screw up with My First eBook Novel?

A few days ago I published a novel on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for reading on Kindles and Nooks. Having never gone through the process of publishing an eBook, I was faced with some issues that I had not dealt with before. One of the issues was the book title. Yes, every book should […]

Mr. Holderman’s Middle Name

One remarkable day in the fall of 1960, at German Township Elementary School just west of South Bend, Indiana, one of my classmates in Robert L. Holderman’s sixth grade reading class asked our energetic, ingenious teacher to divulge his middle name. “Well, I’ll tell ya,” Mr. Holderman grinned, obviously pleased that someone had asked, “there […]

Dirty Limericks Must Go!

I’ve set myself a special goal. I want to clean up all the dirty limericks. I mean, really, it’s disgusting how many raunchy, distasteful, and totally useless bits of “poetic” trash there are out there. You’ve probably heard some yourself. Most people have, and my guess is that many of you can recite some of […]

My Nude Photos

Due to the recent controversy concerning the hacked nude photos of celebrities, I have decided not to take any more nude photos of myself. This was a difficult decision to make, since the taking of nude photos of myself had become part of my normal daily routine. I’d snap a few upon climbing out of […]

Why I Watch The Walking Dead

Even if you’ve never seen the AMC Channel’s The Walking Dead, you’ve probably at least heard of it. It’s a popular show, perhaps the most popular show on television. It’s about people who are trying to survive in a world increasingly overrun by walking dead people. It’s a gruesome show and I don’t recommend it […]

The Beefburger, The Clam, and Advice for Husbands

The Beefburger, The Clam, and Advice for Husbands

I have a collection of poems by Ogden Nash, Everyone But Thee and Me, Little, Brown & Co, Boston, 1962. I bought the book somewhere in Ontario, Canada, probably 7 or 8 years ago. It’s full of outrageous verse that some folks would have trouble identifying as poetry. No matter to me. I like Ogden […]

Back Up

After a hiatus of several years, I’m back online with Earthdump. I’ll be talking mostly about words and the juggling of them to create effects. I’m not sure where this will lead, but that’s what makes life fun; when you don’t know where you’ll be tomorrow or the next day.

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