Another Query Response

The third time is NOT the charm. I received a third response to my series of query letters to literary agents yesterday. The purpose of this one was identical to that of the other two (although it took two letters in the one instance where I was asked to provide the first five pages of […]

Query Update

I sent out a second batch of emails querying literary agents on behalf of my novel. I received one response on May 18. An agent requested that I put the first 5 pages of the novel in an email and send it to her. I did so, and waited patiently for another email from her. […]

New Batch of Queries

Having received only one response from the seven recipients of queries for my novel, I thought it might be a good idea to make a change or two. I rewrote the query itself and sent it off to ten more agents. I am now rewriting that revised version of my query and will send the […]

Boards of Stillwater Rejection #1

Yesterday I received the first rejection email in response to my query on behalf of my novel, “The Boards of Stillwater.” So far, I have sent seven email queries to literary agents. The response I received today came from one of those seven. Here is the response, edited slightly to protect the sender. Dear Bruce, […]

Protected: TBOS

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

My Query

I wrote a query letter for contacting literary agents in my effort to have my novel published. I haven’t written a query letter for quite some time. In fact, the last time was in the early 90s when I wrote one for my book “Novel Openers.” That letter worked, because one of the recipients of […]

Book Update

I finished my novel today. I’ve spent the past several weeks making final changes to the manuscript, which exists in electronic form as a Microsoft Word document on my laptop computer. I thought of a few additional changes and additions, but decided instead to let it go. Fifteen years is enough time to work on […]

Book Update

This morning I finished my final editing markup. I will now start making the actual changes in Microsoft Word. Besides tweaking the grammar and cleaning up some inconsistencies in this final process, I have to standardize some formatting discrepancies. The main formatting issues have to do with how the dialogue of meetings is presented (something […]

Print Job Completed

After my printing debacle the other day, I ordered a new toner cartridge and bought several reams of paper. I just finished printing my novel with the new toner and new paper. It is 264 pages long, single-spaced, double-sided, on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and occupies 132 individual sheets of paper. The stack of papers […]

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