Another Rejection

It’s been a while since I mentioned my continuing effort to find a literary agent. It still continues. I sent a query to four agents on August 28 after revising the content in an effort to better pique the interest of the agents who might actually read it. I received … Continue reading

Boards of Stillwater Rejection #1

Yesterday I received the first rejection email in response to my query on behalf of my novel, “The Boards of Stillwater.” So far, I have sent seven email queries to literary agents. The response I received today came from one of those seven. Here is the response, edited slightly to … Continue reading

Book Update

This morning I finished my final editing markup. I will now start making the actual changes in Microsoft Word. Besides tweaking the grammar and cleaning up some inconsistencies in this final process, I have to standardize some formatting discrepancies. The main formatting issues have to do with how the dialogue … Continue reading

Print Job Completed

After my printing debacle the other day, I ordered a new toner cartridge and bought several reams of paper. I just finished printing my novel with the new toner and new paper. It is 264 pages long, single-spaced, double-sided, on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and occupies 132 individual sheets of … Continue reading

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