Book Update #4

I’m plowing through the book now, reading each line and editing on the fly. I know the story very well (having written and rewritten it so many times) but there is still plenty of opportunity for mistakes and inconsistencies. I must be careful. I must also be expeditious. I can’t afford to waste time agonizing […]

Book Update #3

I solved the problem concerning George’s young age. I made him a couple of years older. I’ll explain what happened. While writing the original draft, I thought I would show the maturing of George throughout the book. I thought that the best way to do this was to start him off young, say age 12 […]

Book Update

I have a problem. In my original draft, I decided that George Belt, the narrator, would have a girlfriend. It seemed like a good idea at the time. George was supposed to be at the end of his 7th year of school when the story begins. He finds his girlfriend the following year. It sounds […]

Book Update

I beefed up the confrontation between Ivan and Stephens this morning. I previously had rushed to a conclusion of the scene, but I knew then that it would take more than one disagreement to send Stephens off. He’s unlikable but he’s not stupid. I’ve given George Belt a job at the local newspaper, something I […]

Book Project

I started writing a novel in the early 1990s. It was about basketball in Indiana in its early days, when men and boys and women and girls were just beginning to learn and play the sport. I had researched the sport in that time period by reading hundreds of newspaper articles in libraries in various […]

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