Not to Worry About High Temps

We hear a lot these days about “average” temperatures around the world. Although some parts of the world are seeing temperatures rise (such as at the polar regions where old ice is melting fast) other parts experience cooler than average temperatures. It’s important to put this all in perspective, and … Continue reading

Gulf Oil Spill to End Oil Dependence

In an astonishing development, scientists from the World Oil Supply Cooperative in Stockholm, Sweden, have announced their annual calculation of the balance of Earth’s supply of untapped oil. According to Sven Bjorgsen, president of the Cooperative, his scientists have determined that BP’s oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, if … Continue reading

Revelation in Moonlight: Chapter 4

Chapter 1 can be found here. Chapter 2 can be found here. Chapter 3 can be found here. Outside the fence, in every direction, people were on the ground, some weeping uncontrollably. Others who had been there longer were slightly less emotional. Some were chanting prayers, most of which were … Continue reading

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