Earthen tales dumped for your reading pleasure or displeasure.

Revelation in Moonlight: Chapter 3

Chapter 1 can be found here. Chapter 2 can be found here. Kron, not participating in the turbulent demonstration, only drew further attention to himself. It was now that he realized, when the cries and involuntary gestures of euphoria ceased, that he had worked himself into a precarious situation. He had stupidly allowed his impatience […]

Revelation in Moonlight: Chapter 2

Chapter 1 can be found here. During the past few hours of his journey, Kron had overheard that the manifestation of divineness could be seen near a village called Lampsack, at the foot of a hill. Carinberry trees grew there, and among the others but next to the road stood the one that had been […]

Revelation in Moonlight: Chapter 1

Across a land called Bornovash, where hills and mountains and rivers are formidable impediments to the movement of people, an ancient road is a single binding thread. It has been woven by the feet of countless travelers over many centuries, laced into the soil and rock in a winding course like a river, for its […]

Surplus Brain

“What about my brain?” “What about it?” “It’s so large.” “You think it’s large?” “Yes.” “Why do you think that?” “Well, it just is, relatively speaking.” “Relative to what?” “Ant brains. Insect brains. Sheep brains. Horses. It’s kind of a burden.” “Having that large brain?” “Yes.” “Why?” “It’s just too much.” “Too much?” “You know, […]


“Those people are bad, I’m telling you,” Phil said. “You can believe me because I know. I’ve seen how they operate.” Phil pointed his ballpoint pen at Nelly, then tapped it on the legal pad to punctuate his pronouncement.           “Oh, yeah?” Nelly said. “What do you mean by bad?”           “They’re evil. Their way […]

Bunt & Jinx Crumley

            His thinning brown hair disheveled much more than usual, Bunt Crumley, 43, sneaked into the back door of his house, entering the cluttered and cat-infested rear porch.  Holding the wooden, spring-loaded door so it wouldn’t slam behind him, Bunt gently eased it back into place.  He squinted in the darkness, […]

Ivy & Delmar

Ivy stood in her underwear, contemplating the three outfits laid out carefully on the bed.  She slipped her hand into the back of her panties and slowly scratched her right cheek.  She sighed, then removed her hand and adjusted her bra. Delmar watched her quietly from the doorway. “So,” he said. “Tough decision?” “Huh?  Oh, […]

High School Graduate in Search of Job

“Hi.”  The man stood behind his desk, smiling and holding out his hand.  “Thanks for stopping by today.” Jason reached across the desk and shook hands.  The man’s grasp was not firm.  He just placed his hand in the air for Jason to squeeze. “I’m Bill Brochure.” “Hi.  Jason Pike,” Jason said. “Have a seat, […]

Dr. Palmer’s Lawn

I was startled when Dr. Palmer drove into my driveway.  He had never done that before.  In fact, I’m sure he had never set foot on the first inch of my property in the 36 years that he’d been my neighbor.  But there he was, climbing out of his Cadillac, standing with both feet on […]

Barbershop Network

Drake Jensen, in the barber’s chair, relaxes while Ned Yoder ties the white paper band around his neck.  It always makes Drake think of those ancient photographs of solemn men sitting bolt upright in stiff starched collars, glaring full-faced, wide-eyed, and unafraid at, perhaps, an imminent explosion.  After the paper collar is on, Ned always […]

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