Earthen tales dumped for your reading pleasure or displeasure.


“Hello, Apple.  Thanks for stopping by today.”  Dorothy Goodrich reached across her desk and shook the hand of Apple Tenfingers, an applicant for a supervisor’s job in Dorothy’s company, Dorothy’s Delights. Apple smiled at Dorothy and nodded.  Apple had a pleasant smile and seemed relaxed and comfortable.  Dorothy was immediately taken by Apple’s charm. “Please […]

Salem Peyatt

Salem Peyatt was not the strongest man in Grovetown, Indiana in 1902.  Neither was he the fastest man, or the largest man.  He was, however, the blackest man, and was therefore the toughest.  It was either be the toughest or not be there at all, because besides his grandmother he was the only black human […]

Benno Traut

Benno Traut was nearly an American.  He had lived in this country long enough to learn the buzzwords and favorite phrases of the dynamic entrepreneurial class – the segment of America that he had decided, even in Germany, to make his own.  He transformed himself, over the five year period since his decision, from an […]

Such Things Can Be

Ambrose Bierce is alive.  He dwells in the mind of Theodore Pane, a thirty-five year old unemployed bartender.  Pane tended bars because he enjoyed working at night and because he liked to talk to people.  He is unemployed because now his nights are filled with episodes from Bierce’s life, and some of the people he […]

A View of the Past

Ten thousand years after Earth could no longer sustain life, a teacher on a distant world stands before his students.  He is teaching them about higher life forms of the universe that have arisen, have endured, and in most cases have ultimately given way to the various pressures that keep the universal life force in […]

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