The Tale of Brett Kavanaugh

This is the tale of Brett KavanaughWhen he treated the Senate to Shock and Awe.He showed his mettle and bared his soulAnd tried his best to apply damage controlTo the growing number of damning reportsAbout his youthful penchant for lecherous sports.He stuttered and stammered and blubbered, poor guyAnd whined and … Continue reading

Dirty Limericks Must Go!

I’ve set myself a special goal. I want to clean up all the dirty limericks. I mean, really, it’s disgusting how many raunchy, distasteful, and totally useless bits of “poetic” trash there are out there. You’ve probably heard some yourself. Most people have, and my guess is that many of … Continue reading


The sunsome longer days Are warming frozen trees, The ancient steady rays Becoming nature’s keys Unlocking fluid flow Within Earth’s giant plants. When southern breezes blow These creatures start their dance Of botanic celebration. Subtle sweet beasts of green Anticipate without cerebration; Make beauty not knowing they are seen.

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