Today I’ll try my first bike ride to work. The distance is approximately 7 miles, verifiable with my new bike computer. Determining the distance, however, is peanuts compared with the preparation required for such an endeavor.

Many things have to be taken into consideration, such as clothing, personal hygiene, and time. Since I won’t be wearing my office clothing during the ride, I have to make sure I carry all my office clothes with me. What if I forget my socks, or my shirt? This could result in a very embarrassing day at the office, or in an unscheduled day off if I can’t bring myself to work partially clothed.

I also have to carry my lunch and my coffee thermos. I can’t forget my cell phone, radio, iPod, and other associated and unassociated electronics. I’ll need the morning newspaper too.

Is that it? I’m not sure, but I know I’ll find out after arriving at the office and unpacking all the things I packed. This whole process will take some time to perfect. I just have to do it a few times to get it right.

I have no idea whether the time it takes to pack and prepare for such an excursion is worth the trouble. It depends on how one evaluates such things. And I also don’t know what condition I’ll be in when I arrive at the office. I’ve ridden there before during off-hours, but have never entered the building and sat for 9 hours after the ride. Today I’ll find out, as will my fellow workers, what that will be like.

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