Comments I’ve received from readers indicate some confusion on the part of visitors to this blog. There has been some difficulty in recognizing the “true” stuff from the “fictional” stuff. Just remember to check the category of each post. The categories are shown in blue text above each post.

As of this printing, there are four working categories. They are Journal, History, Tales, and Verse. If a post is marked Journal, it is a regular journal entry and in it I will be telling about stuff that really happened, or about my true feelings about something. It is me speaking directly to the reader. If a post is marked History, it is a piece based on true events and contains no fiction. There could be some conjecture in the History posts, but you should be able to identify that pretty easily. If a post is marked Tales, fiction is present and you should recognize it as such. Verse posts are verse, or poetry. That’s an easy one. Verse can be about real stuff or fictional stuff. You have to figure that out.

If you still need some clarification, click on the “About” link at the top of this page. It will explain, very briefly, what I just explained.

If you want to see all posts in any one of the categories, click on one of the categories listed in the right hand panel under Categories.


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