I drove to work this morning instead of biking. The weather forecast called for thunderstorms and heavy rain, so I opted for comfort and the dry interior of my Ford Focus. It’s not much, but it gets me from here to there with fairly good gas mileage.
Since I’m submitting this post via BlackBerry, I’m not sure whether the photo I just inserted will display properly. I’ll find out after I upload the post.
I took the photo while driving this morning. I was on the drive in an office park at the time with no oncoming cars in sight. I would probably not have attempted this on a busy public street, or even on a vacant public street without stopping first. At least I don’t think I would.
I think I’ll drive tomorrow too. The forecast is much like that for today – rainy, hot, very humid. And my old Ford Focus is not only dry inside, it also has a very good air conditioner.

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