I chose the domain because my original idea was for a Web site dedicated to exposing and commenting on the fouling of Earth with rubbish and poisons.  I feel strongly, as many others do, about the disregard many people show for the cleanliness of our planet.  Needless to say, I was able to find countless examples of harmful behavior by individuals and companies.  But until I started looking for content for, I really had no idea how widespread, how prevalent, and how totally depressing the problem is.  Of course I knew there was a problem because I see evidence of it every day.  My harvesting of photos, videos, and articles exposing the human tendency to expeditiously unload unwanted stuff caused me, over a period of months, to decide that there is no reasonable way to deal with this enormous problem.  No matter what programs, regulations, laws, and punishment, the littering, dumping, polluting, and poisoning just keep going on.  I came to the conclusion that there are enough thoughtless, careless, egocentric humans around to completely trash Earth even if the vast majority of humans work to keep Earth clean.  Dumping and polluting is much too easy.  It’s much too hard to find effective ways to stop it.

So, after becoming thoroughly depressed and completely disheartened, I gave up the trash business and got into the blog business.  Hopefully this won’t lead to the thorough depressing and complete disheartening of others who might read this stuff.  I’m not used to talking much about myself, so I won’t be writing about dreary personal issues.  As you might have noticed if you’ve checked out other posts here, I often let others speak for me.  I just make the others up and, somehow, conversations begin.  Maybe we’ll hear one soon between people discussing the trashing of Earth.  Or maybe we won’t.

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