Exercise Balls

My physical training instructor, Erin Long of Kachmann Mind Body Institute, is always looking for new exercises. She browses through magazines and exercise videos in the search for challenging and interesting ways to enhance her classes and titillate her students. Sometimes the exercises are fun. Sometimes they seem to have been invented to antagonize the doers of them.
Every now and then, Erin will dream up something on her own. This occasionally happens during the exercise sessions, when a particular exercise is extemporaneously tweaked into something just a little different. On Monday, for example, we were doing an exercise with one dumbbell. The exercise is called a “curtsy.” You hold a dumbbell in one hand and perform a curtsy while, with the hand holding the dumbbell, you act as if you’re punching someone in front of you. I inadvertently grabbed two dumbbells and got into position to begin. Erin reminded me that we were only to use one, but then added, “But that gives me an idea . . .”

I’m not sure what that idea was, but we might see the upshot of it next week.

Besides dumbbells, we also regularly use exercise balls during our sessions. Exercise balls are handy tools for supporting your body so that you can perform exercises that can’t be done without them. You can bend over backwards and rest your back on them while lifting weights. You can lie over them on your hips and do pushups. You can kneel next to them and, leaning into them with your side, you can do side leg lifts. The balls are simple devices but can add interesting and challenging dimensions to exercise routines.

I did a little research online, and found a few interesting ideas using exercise balls. When I found this video I was overwhelmed with emotion, visualizing myself doing what these experts were doing. Check it out, and see if you aren’t similarly affected by the intensity and dedication of these highly trained athletes:

Who could not be inspired by such an exhibition?

I’ll start practicing at home so I can show off in class next week.

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