Fitness Update

I attended the Monday Open Training session at the Kachmann Mind Body Institute, hosted by my favorite trainer, Erin Long.

We used bars during the session; I don’t think I have used a bar since I started the program. We placed the bars across our backs and, grasping the bars with our hands near the end, we paced sideways across the floor using large steps. I’m sure this exercise has a name but I don’t recall what it is. I got in trouble with Erin when I stopped before my allocated paces. She made me stand in the corner of the room with a bolster balanced vertically on my head.


Erin doesn’t punish her students, unless you consider extreme workout sessions punishment. I think I do.

Other exercises included work with weights (8 pound & 10 pound for me), several types of crunches, and a couple of ditties using the exercise balls.

I have some discomfort in my calf muscles today after several iterations of an exercise where you hold a dumbbell in each hand and raise and lower yourself on the balls of your feet. We did this with our feet in three positions: toes pointing forward, toes pointing out, and toes pointing in. Sounds easy but it is not. It makes your calves scream before they turn into steel springs.

Apart from my legs, I really have little discomfort today. Don’t tell Erin though. She might take it personally.

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