Fitness Update

I felt pretty good yesterday after Monday’s exercise session. Today, however, I’m experiencing discomfort bordering on PAIN.

Erin Long introduced the exercise platform into our routine. I had not yet used that device. It adds another dimension to certain exercises. Standing on its edge, I performed something like toe touches except that I held a 10 pound weight in each hand and bent over at the waist as far as possible without bending my knees. Most times, my fingers ended up lower than my toes because they hung down past the edge of the platform. I could really feel the pulling in my back, shoulders, and the backs of my legs. That exercise probably contributed much to my muscle protestations this morning.

We also utilized the platform while doing pushups. We performed 14 in a repetition. Each one was done with one hand on the end of the platform and one hand on the floor. After completing one pushup, we switched sides and switched hands on the platform. That was difficult and challenging. The hardest part for me is the changing of hands. It means that you are basically in the stress of a pushup much longer and your body weight is supported by only one hand during part of the process. Very challenging.

Another exercise on the platform involved starting in a pushup position with hands flat on the platform and feet on the floor. Swinging back and forth, we alternated hands on the platform and hands pointing into the sky behind us. This, again, was difficult mainly because our body weight was supported by only one hand during much of the exercise. It seemed to be a good exercise to promote flexibility in the arms and shoulders.

I’ve gained strength and stamina since starting the program at Kachmann Mind Body. My arms and shoulders are in much better condition than they were three months ago. I can see muscles bulging in my upper arms and shoulders that weren’t visible previously. My abdomen is much better off too. I do not have a “6 pack” yet, but I really wasn’t trying to get one anyway. Besides, I can always pick one up at Belmont on the way home.

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