Fitness Update

My exercise session last night was dynamic. I use that word because it denotes energy, action, and power. I was involved in all three, and then some. We were all over the floor, striding from one end of the room to the other, carrying weights, trying to step in unison. I felt a bit like an Imperial Storm Trooper without the white plastic get-up. Three repetitions of that exercise was deceptively exhausting. I mean, we were just WALKING weren’t we?

We also performed pushups, using the exercise ball as a platform for our legs. I find that those are easier than the standard variety for some reason, even though it seems as if I have a longer distance to travel from top of pushup to bottom. I like it though, because it forces you to balance your body on top of the ball and this effort causes you to utilize muscles in the abdomen and legs to do so.

Just to make sure we didn’t feel as if Erin was going easy on us, she threw in a nasty little exercise where, in the pushup position and each hand resting on the handle of a dumbbell, we had to raise each dumbbell to our shoulder, alternating from one hand to the next. We did three repetitions of 24 lifts, 12 with each hand. THIS WILL WEAR YOU OUT. But you feel so good when it’s over.

I’ve graduated to heavier dumbbells, now using 10 pound and 12 pound in the exercises. I feel as if I’m getting stronger in my arms and shoulders. My back must be improving too, although it’s not as easy to tell if that is the case. I assume it is because of the types of exercises we’re doing. If I can do them without collapsing, something must be going on back there.

An exercise I’ve had trouble with in the past, and which caused me some difficulty last night, is the one where you lie on your back and place an exercise ball between your legs. You lift your legs straight up in the air and, for a certain number of times, squeeze the ball between your legs and then relax. First of all, my legs don’t go straight up. Second, sticking my legs up in the air at any angle causing them to shake and quiver. I don’t know why for sure. Perhaps it’s a weakness in my lower back. At any rate, Erin always allows me to just let the ball rest on the floor during the exercise instead of holding it up in the air. Thank you, Erin. I’ll work on that one.

I registered for another 12 sessions after class. I’m doing one per week, plus one or two sessions on my own at home. I recommend this stuff to anyone who would like to tone up and get stronger. It makes you feel good in a general way, too. Check out the possibilities at

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