Fitness Update

Erin is back from vacation. She must have spent quite a few relaxing hours thinking of new tortures for her students. She showed us a few last night.

I won’t go into all the sordid details, but there were a few choice exercises that were particularly challenging. First of all, I selected 10 pound and 15 pound dumbbells to use for my exercises. I had used the 15 pounders last week also. Each time, it was because I didn’t find 12 pounders on the rack. Perhaps I’ll get used to the heavier weights. Maybe not.

For starters, Erin assigned us 20 standard pushups. We did 3 sets of those. I did the last 5 of the third set from my knees. I’m not as tough as I hoped. Among other exercises, we did 3 sets of 50-touch bicycles, 3 sets of 20 of a sort of reverse crunch on the exercise ball, 3 sets of 6 touches of a clockwise lunge (sorry, that’s the best short description I can come up with), and something where, on our bellies, we had to open our legs, lift them up off the floor, put them together, separate them, and return them to the floor. Each of those steps was done at Erin’s command, meaning we had to hold our legs in each position for a length of time. The rest of the evening was a blur. We were busy the entire time, huffing, puffing, and trying to make it to relaxation time. We all made it. Nobody even puked, as far as I know.

As difficult as some of these exercise evenings are, they always end with me feeling good and relaxed. I think that’s why I do it. I’m not trying to look like the guy in the photo on this page. I just want to feel good.

The winter weather has kept me off my bicycle, so I’ve been catching up on my New Yorker reading by spending plenty of time on my elliptical trainer. It’s in a storage room in the basement, back in a corner. I have a CD player and radio in that room along with a pretty tall stack of CDs. I also have a stack of New Yorkers. I’m working my way through them gradually. I’m now reading issues in January of 2009. I intend to catch up to the current month, hopefully by the start of bicycle season. I can get a lot of reading done while on my elliptical. This is one form of multitasking that I’m pretty good at.

I need to catch up on the reading before the winter weather breaks. I cannot read while riding a bike.

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