Fitness Update

Another Monday night with Erin at Kachmann Mind Body Institute is responsible for the way I feel right now. Yes, I’m a bit tender here and there. Particularly here, and here, and over there.  My abdominal muscles are touchy. My butt is sore. My legs protest when I bend down.

But really, considering all the exercises I’ve done and the calories I’ve burned, my “discomfort” (Erin’s word for pain) is minimal. I have not injured myself. I have not had to stop walking or biking or using my elliptical trainer because of any discomfort after the exercise sessions with Erin. My tennis elbow still hurts, but not any worse than it did before I started the exercises. My rotator cuff discomfort has not worsened either. I am no shorter now than I was several months ago. My arm muscles are bigger and more defined. My abs are stronger and, even though the rippling doesn’t show, I know they’re in there somewhere. I don’t yet have a yoga butt, but then I’m not doing yoga anyway so who cares.

I was diagnosed several weeks ago as being anemic. I do not suffer from any of the usual symptoms of that malady. I’m now taking iron tablets, prescribed by my physician. Perhaps that’s helping somehow, but how would I know if I didn’t feel as if I had a problem to begin with? I’ll just wait for the next blood test to see what’s up.

Sitting here, right now, I feel pretty good. I am a lean mean fitness machine, loaded for bear and without a care.

I just dread having to get up out of this chair.

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