Fitness Update

My abs are tender this evening, as are a select variety of other muscles in various strategic places on my meager frame. I use the term “strategic” because I believe the discomfort I feel is part of a scheme concocted by Erin Long. That scheme, I hope, will result in greater strength and posture for me.

I didn’t have a problem this morning, but I’ll bet getting out of bed tomorrow will be a real challenge. I will moan and grunt and say vile things while trying to find the best method for twisting myself into the right package that will allow my launch from the bed with the least misery. I’ve done it before and, by golly, I can do it again.

There are several exercise I have problems completing. 1) On my stomach on the floor, legs lifted and arms lifted and acting like Superman. I cannot pick my arms up off the floor to make like Superman. Something about my shoulders creates an insurmountable obstacle to the successful performance of this exercise. Erin saw me struggling and gave me an alternative exercise to work around my shoulder problem. This has happened each time I try that one. 2) On my back on the floor, with legs “straight up” and then touching the feet with alternating hands while crunching. My problem here is that I cannot straighten my legs. I’m not sure of the reason, but think it has something to do with a lack of flexibility in the muscles. Perhaps more stretching would help. In the meantime, I’ll just bend my legs and look as silly as anyone can look while doing an exercise on your back with your legs sticking straight up.

For a minute last night, I thought I might puke. During another minute, I thought I might get dizzy. I did not puke, however, and I did not faint. The room was very warm and that contributed to my bouts of discomfort. Resting between sets helped, as did drinking water.

I am ever so much stronger today than I was yesterday, and I’ll be even stronger tomorrow.

I just hope I can get out of bed.

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