Fitness Update

I know you’re all dying to hear how much pain and suffering I’m undergoing this week. So here’s the skinny. Compared to Tuesday of last week, I’m feeling pretty good. My butt is now almost pain free. I can crawl out of bed without yelping and grasping the headboard for support. My head wound is healing nicely after my dermatologist subjected my skull and therefore my brain to a dose of cryogenics. The scab will probably let go and fall off into a Casaburo salad this weekend.

So, all in all, things are looking up. I just have a few minor discomforts, although I can tell some of them are of such a nature that they could become major after one more night’s sleep. As long as I have that headboard to clutch, I’ll be OK.

I attended The Real Erin Longs Open Training session last night at Kachmann Mind Body Institute, as I have done Monday evenings for the past few months. Erin whipped a rigorous regimen on us. Several of the exercises were really difficult, especially for the only old man in the class. Among other tricky maneuvers, we used a stepper as a platform to launch a backward lunge to the floor followed by a return to the stepper and a high kick. Do this a dozen times with each leg and try to keep from falling down and breaking your arse. This was a challenge for someone who has difficulty standing on one foot more than three seconds at a stretch. By the third set, however, I had mastered the basics and was moving along pretty well until Erin pointed out that I wasn’t bending my knee during the lunge. I wasn’t bending my knee in the lunge because doing so would cause me to fall on my arse. You just have to know your limits.

Another challenging exercise, at least for me, was the one that looks like the Dolphin position, where you place yourself face down on the floor, on your elbows and on your toes, back parallel to the floor. Push yourself forward on your elbows till you can’t go forward anymore, then push yourself back. This sounds easy, even when I say it. But do it 20 times x 3 and see how you feel. I felt pretty weak and puny.


I just returned to this after having dinner. Homemade enchiladas, homemade very hot salsa, fresh avocado. Pretty darn good stuff.

My next post might be an update on my novel. Lots of things have happened to George since I last reported, including the loss of the love of his life. He will recover, however, when Louise Lightfoot enters the stage.

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