Fitness Update

I cannot say that I am fit. I could say I’m more fit than I was, and could also say that I’m less fit than I will be. But I won’t say that. I will say, however, that I feel fairly fit overall.

I know that I’m stronger in certain parts of my body than I was two months ago. My abs, my biceps, my legs, and my back are all more muscled than they were when I started working out at Kachmann Mind Body. When I joined the open training group, it was the first time I was involved in conducted exercise. My conductor, or trainer if you will, is Erin Long. Erin composes the agenda of each workout and demonstrates each exercise before her trainees perform it. I find this form of exercising very efficient and productive. There are few wasted moments during the sessions and we are motivated to participate through Erin’s gentle persistence, our own desire to improve and strengthen our physical beings, and, last but not least, the pressure that peers can exert just by being in the same room.

I won’t go into last night’s session in detail, except to say that Erin sprang some interesting new exercises on us that were challenging for one and all. I told my brother about it later in the evening when he phoned me. I mentioned all the new exercises and he questioned why we keep doing different exercises rather than trying to get better and stronger by doing repetitive exercises to build up certain muscles. I told him that I had read something somewhere about “muscle confusion.” The basic concept of muscle confusion is that you should do lots of different exercises in order to generate continuing growth and strengthening of all muscles instead of doing repetitive exercises using the same muscles over and over to generate bulging muscles in specific places. I’m no expert on this subject, so I could be all wrong. At any rate, I think most trainers mix exercises up to accomplish something like muscle confusion. If anyone reading this can explain this better, come on. There’s a comment button below this post.

I do know that I have some muscle discomfort for a few days after each training session. I take this to mean that I have used and pushed muscles to do something they are not prepared for. I like this concept and I think it keeps me attending the training sessions. That, and Erin’s expertise.

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