Fitness Update

I attended two personal training sessions this week, one on Monday and another on Friday. I normally only attend once a week, on Monday. Barb, my wife, attends on Fridays, and I decided to join her yesterday.

The “Open Training” sessions at the Kachmann Mind Body Institute are composed of no more than six participants. Some sessions might only have one or two. It just depends on how many have signed up for the session and how many decide to attend. Over the past few months, I think I attended only one or two that had as many as six participants. Most times, there are four or five. Last night, it was just Barb and me.

Last night’s session included the use of a large exercise ball, a small ball (about  10″ diameter), two 15 pound weights, two 10 pound weights, and a floor mat. Armed with this stuff, I worked up a nice sweat and reached points of near exhaustion several times under the direction of Erin Long. Erin tells you what to do, demonstrates it if necessary, and you do it. Those are the rules of the sessions. Grumbling and complaining are not encouraged and wouldn’t do any good anyway. Erin isn’t particularly moved to sympathize with griping participants. It’s not that she’s mean. She just knows that some people complain no matter what the level of exertion. Besides, if you really don’t want to do something, you can just stop and let the session go on without your participation.

I haven’t heard many complaints from any of my fellow participants. Most seem really interested in having workouts that make them work hard so that they can feel a sense of exertion and accomplishment when the sessions are over. All of them seem to understand they can’t improve their physical condition without pushing their bodies to a certain level. In fact, any complaints I’ve heard have had more to do with a desire to work harder and stretch the boundaries. It really is disappointing to spend an hour exercising and, when it’s over, you’re not glad that it’s over.

At the end of last night’s session, Erin reminded me that she would get me back in three days.

I will count the hours.

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