Fitness Update

I felt pretty good today after last night’s training session. I walked a good long distance midday. Before leaving the office at 5, I changed into my biking attire and drove to Buckner Park. I parked the car, filled my water bottle at the drinking fountain, and rode 14 miles. The highlight of the ride was the town of Arcola, always a pleasant little place to visit. I rode past many fields in various stages of harvest. Beans are disappearing everywhere. Some corn is gone, but much of it is still partially green.

I spotted a strange small plane doing loop-de-loops over homes and barns. At first I thought it was a crop duster, then I realized that the crops don’t need dusting now. I think it was some goofy young pilot trying to get the attention of an elusive love object. There were some cute young cows grazing in a field nearby.

After showering tonight, I noticed some muscle pain related to last night’s workout. I thought I might escape it this time, but no. I’m sitting here, listening to WBOI, writing this blog, and feeling my muscles tighten. I think I’ll get up, stretch a bit, walk briskly into the kitchen, and pour myself a nice big glass of Scotch. Well, maybe not so big, but a nice one at any rate. I’m not sure how that fits into a fitness program, but it fits me just fine.

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