Fitness Update

I tried to get ready for my Monday session at Kachmann Mind Body by biking 18 miles on Sunday, then riding 5.5 miles to work on Monday morning. Since Kachmann Mind Body is within the Lutheran Hospital complex, my ride there after work was short and sweet.

By the end of Monday’s session, I was not looking forward to biking back to the corner of Scott & Illinois.

Since it is now Tuesday, I’m having my usual first symptoms of the open training session with Erin Long. I won’t go into the boring details since anyone who has read my fitness updates in the past knows that I have discussed, at length, pain occurring in places that don’t even have names.

Erin wanted to take our group outside to exercise in the lawn. She coaxed about as hard as she could before some reluctance among several in our group convinced her to keep us inside. I deferred to the three other group members, although my secret wish was to stay inside and out of sight. The area that Erin uses for outdoor exercise is nearly surrounded with windows, and thousands of nosy people wait inside by the windows to catch a glimpse of aging exercisers like me. If they want to see me exercise, they should pay their tuition and join the class!

Before I started blogging about my exercise classes, I thought about taking photos for “before and after” comparison, or even just taking measurements of those parts of my body that I hoped to enhance. I can see the difference myself in some places, particularly in my upper arms. My real goal was to strengthen my upper body because I’ve neglected it for so long. One issue that I particularly wanted to work on is my posture and, so far, I haven’t noticed much difference. I told Erin yesterday that I have “writer’s slouch.” My excuse for having crappy posture is the thousands of hours I have spent over a writing pad and computer keyboard. The two years I spent on Novel Openers was probably the main reason why I just can’t seem to sit up straight. That project kept me hunched over at least 4 hours a day, and more on weekends. Not to mention the backbreaking work of dragging hundreds of crates of books home from libraries and back again. Perhaps if I had been doing some physical training during that time I wouldn’t have a problem today. But if I had, it would have just lengthened the time required to complete the project. At the time, all I cared about was finishing the project as quickly as possible.

When working on my current book project (which really isn’t a book yet because 1 it isn’t published and 2 no publisher has even heard of it), I have tried to behave myself and think about posture as much as possible. Sadly, that’s not very much. But if I get this novel published, I’ll spend more time working on my posture. At least until another project comes along. Do you get a sense of my ambivalence on this subject?

Of course, riding a bicycle doesn’t contribute positively to good posture. I have a trail bike whose handlebars are at about the same height as the seat. You can imagine what I look like tooling down the road on that thing. Bad posture the entire ride. Maybe I should get a recumbent bike. I suppose lying on my back would be beneficial to my posture. At least it wouldn’t hurt it much. I see Amish fellows riding recumbent bikes from time to time. They all seem to stand up pretty straight after they dismount from those things.

Sitting here like this, my back rigidly straight up off the chair, my fingers typing away like crazy, and my muscles protesting from one end of my diminutive frame to the other, I am starting to want a glass of scotch. I hear one calling my name right now. I promise to keep my chest out and shoulders back while sipping it.

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