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I attended my weekly session of open training at the Kachmann Mind Body Institute on the campus of Lutheran Hospital yesterday at 5:30 p.m. The traffic jam inside the hospital complex was unbelievable. I sat in my car for 10 minutes waiting for someone ahead of me to get permission to turn left into the exit drive southwest of the main entrance drive on Jefferson Blvd. There must have been 100,000 cars at a dead standstill for at least 4 hours. Don’t you dare accuse me of overstating the situation.

At any rate, getting in to the training session was difficult enough. Getting through the session itself was difficulty of a different magnitude. It was one of the most grueling sessions yet, compliments of our trainer Erin Long. Erin gave us all we could handle tonight. Each one seemed to be just a wee bit twisted in a way that made it more difficult than the average format. For example, the pushup Erin selected for us involved placing hands and feet wide apart. Imagine doing a pushup and making your torso do a motion that is reminiscent of a swimming dolphin, where the tail is dipping up and down and the dolphin’s body resembles a wave as it dips and rises through the way. I swear this is what we had to do tonight!! It was downright awe inspiring. Erin was surprised that each of us did fairly well at it. So were we.

One exercise that gave me a lot of trouble was the one-legged bend with ball and weights. We placed the exercise ball between our backs and the wall and, holding heavy dumbbells, did 12 knee bends on one leg and then 12 on the other. I had great difficulty staying upright. I lost my balance time after time, but I seemed to get better at it as time went on. Just about the time I thought I was doing fairly well, that set was over and we went on to other exercises that required both physical exertion and mental concentration.

We performed crunches in various ways, both on our backs and on our sides. Side crunching is particularly challenging, at least for me. I’m not used to bending my body at the waist in that direction. I’m sure to feel this as the day wears on. Getting out of bed tomorrow should be a real treat.

One good thing about a challenging exercise session is that it comes, sooner or later, to an end. Erin decided to end the evening on a lighter note, so she gave us two exercises that helped to get our heart rates back down below 200. Forgive me for not recalling exactly what each of the two consisted of, since by that point in the session I had reached a new level of consciousness that, for some reason, is impossible right now to duplicate.

Erin is an excellent instructor and is, regardless of the difficulty of some of our sessions, compassionate and helpful. I can see the results of her instruction in my arms, legs, and abdomen. I feel much better physically and mentally after  having attended her training sessions for the past eight months or so. I recommend Kachmann Mind Body Institute to anyone looking for an organized fitness regimen that will result in better physical and mental health.

Good thing I have a week to recover before my next session.

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