Fitness Update

I would have thought I’d be fit by now. Biking, physical training, and now yoga. Not to speak of the daily walks. Just how much does a person have to do to KEEP FROM GETTING SORE MUSCLES!?

I wonder if there’s any exercise regimen that keeps all muscles toned to the point where they no longer get sore. I also wonder how long it takes after working a particular muscle and after the soreness subsides, before that muscle will get sore again when it is reworked. If you know what I mean.

At least I know there’s an acronym for the sore muscles you get a day or so after your workout: DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness. It’s a condition nearly everyone encounters from time to time, except for those who never overwork a muscle. But even couch potatoes may from time to time dismount from the couch and accidentally use a muscle in an unusual fashion, making it stretch or pull a certain way that it’s not used to and subsequently complain through pain.

I survived a particularly strenuous training session Monday night, compliments of Erin Long. Erin has adjusted the exercise routine to accentuate a particular part of the body. We spent a great deal of time with upper body work and dumbbells on Monday. Therefore my upper back, shoulders, and arm muscles are feeling the love. One exercise included lunging strides across the floor, forward and backward, with heavy weights in hands. My legs and butt are squealing with delight after that one. Even though we’ve done that exercise before, it has been long enough ago that my muscles don’t remember doing it. My brain does, though.

Usually the pain subsides after a couple of days. It’s not something I can’t live with. In fact, I’ve been living with almost non-stop muscle “discomfort” for a long time. Even though the pain is bearable, I guess it’s natural that I should wonder when it will stop. But maybe I shouldn’t wish for it to stop. If it did, it might indicate that I was no longer in conditioning mode. And if I’m no longer in conditioning mode, I will have stopped trying to get stronger and tougher.

I’ll take the pain.

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