Fitness Update

I returned to Erin Long‘s open training session Monday evening after two weeks off. The first week of absence was due to vacation. The second week was due to a bad cold.

During my two weeks away, I unfortunately didn’t do much to maintain my muscle tone. I did manage to get three pretty decent jogging sessions in while we were in Canada. I walked quite a few miles, too. I hit the floor several times for some quick pushup sessions. But that was about it exercise-wise. No crunches, no dumbbells, no lunges, no knee bends, no suffering.

You might think that Erin would cut me some slack, especially since I had been sick during the previous week. Well, you’d better think again. Erin is not prone to such behavior. She put me through some rigorous routines, mostly concentrated on the upper body but also stressing my lower parts. No part of me was spared.

Taking a quick inventory of my muscle pain, I find that my pecs, quadriceps, brachioradialis, triceps brachii, gluteus maximus, latissimus dorsi, and sternocleidomastoideus are all in various states of shock and awe. In short, I’m in a world of hurt.

Thanks, Erin Long, for making me think about the various and sundry mechanisms that make me a human being. Before I met you, I never knew there were so many. And that they could hurt so much.


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