Fitness Update

I attended my third session at Kachmann Mind Body Institute yesterday evening. I felt pretty good when I started, but it didn’t take Erin long to burst my bubble. I was taxed after the second repetition of the first set of exercises. The most difficult for me was the staggered pushup. This involves doing pushups with one hand placed farther in front of the body than the other hand. Try one and see if you can do it. Bruce carrying a heavy weight

When I do pushups, Erin lets me use my knees if I must. I hadn’t had to use that maneuver so far, until last night! By the third repetition, I had to use my knees to support my lower body (instead of my toes) in order to complete the pushup. By that time, doing a pushup was difficult even with the adjustment to strategy.

I used dumbbells as usual during the session. I started out with the 6-pounder doing some curls and squatting exercises. During my performance of these, Erin asked if the weight of the dumbbells was OK. I told her that I wasn’t feeling effects in my various muscles that she thought I should be experiencing. So she switched me from the 6-pounders to the 8-pounders. It wasn’t long before Erin went to the closet and found a pair of 10-pounders. That’s what I finished the evening with. Using those finally gave me enough resistance that I felt as if I might have some pain today. Wait, I shouldn’t say pain. I should use the term discomfort, which Erin told me last night that I should have instead of pain. The goal is not to have pain, but to have some discomfort so that you know that the muscles are growing and things are changing.

I also did several variations of the crunch. Some of those are very difficult, especially when doing enough to exhaust you. By the time I reach my limit, it feels as if I’m fighting my knees over control of my self.

We ended the evening hugging a bolster and twisting our bodies in grotesque positions as a form of stretch. The usual time of relaxation became, instead, a challenge to hold the position till the end. I did it, and expect to experience some discomfort in my neck and shoulder muscles today.


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